Denise Sidhu, Partner & Director, Kernel Capital & Chairperson of the Irish Venture Capital Association.

27 July 2023

Kernel Capital is pleased to announce the election of our colleague Denise Sidhu as Chairperson of the Irish Venture Capital Association.  Denise’s focus will be to work with Government and all relevant stakeholders to put financial structures in place to ensure indigenous technology and life science firms will be able to source funding locally and maximise their potential.  Denise will be the third woman to chair the IVCA in the last four years.

“Ireland’s most innovative technology firms are being cherry picked by global investors. We need to be able to scale from local resources, rather than letting international investors harvest our best companies and develop jobs and headquarters overseas rather than here in Ireland. Failure to provide locally sourced scaling funding means that that Irish jobs and headquarters move abroad just at a time when companies are reaching their maximum growth potential. Funding local companies and scaling them here will help to broaden the tax base.”

Denise Sidhu, Partner, Kernel Capital & Chairperson of the IVCA

The Irish Venture Capital Association is the representative organisation for venture capital and private equity firms in Ireland. Last year venture capital investment into Irish tech start-ups and SMEs totalled over €1.3 billion.

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