Automated Intelligence secures a two-year contract with the
Cabinet Office to “Spring Clean” its digital heap.

06 April 2023
On 1 February 2021, the department signed a contract with Belfast-based data analytics firm Automated Intelligence. In a £124,000-a-year deal that ran until 31 January 2023, the firm’s AI.Datalift technology has been used by the Cabinet Office as the foundation for developing an “automated decision-making tool… [that] was piloted on the legacy Apollo data set”.

“The tool has proven to deliver accurate and reliable disposal decisions, aiding digital archivists to greatly reduce the volume of ROT (Redundant, Obsolete, and Transitory) held by the Cabinet Office for this data set,” according to newly published procurement documents.

Senior executives on the department’s People and Operations Committee last year approved an expansion of the automated analysis tool for use on other data sets held by the government’s central agency.

The Cabinet Office has thus awarded a new two-year deal to Automated Intelligence, running directly on from the conclusion of the previous deal on 31 January. This contract will be worth £236,500 a year – almost double the value of the prior engagement.

The deal with Automated Intelligence will see the company work with the Cabinet Office to “explore the use of the tool to support business units to identify information in scope for future spring clean activity – [which] is currently a resource intensive, manual process”, the contract says.

Watch Automated Intelligence Case Study video with David Canning, Head of Digital Knowledge & Information Management at the Cabinet Office.