The Bank of Ireland Kernel Capital Venture Funds

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Sold to Bord na Mona.

Developing novel biosensors.

Telecom service software.

High frequency semiconductor chips.

Information and data management software.

ECG cybersecurity and biometrics platform.

Biotech solutions for horticulture.

Molecular diagnostics.

ISO Certification body.

Sold to Silicon Labs.

Cancer diagnosis and treatment.

Intensive coding education.

Analytics software for financial institutions.

Osteoporosis screening tool.

Wireless, real-time collaboration.

Telecoms Service Software.

Sold to Smiths Detection.

Sold to Red Hat Inc.

Radio frequency semiconductor component design.

Molecular diagnostics for infectious diseases.

Hybrid Power solutions.

Medical device innovation company.

Chip design.

Virtual reality education.

Audio-content devices.

Forensic video search software.

Software Defined Storage platform.

Medical Device.

Novel dry-etch manufacturing.

Nova Science -Sold to Abbott Laboratories 2007

Sold to Abbott Laboratories.

Prognostic breast-cancer assay development.

Sold to Accelrys.

Comb Source Laser Technology.

Microfluidic dispensing technology.

Point-of-Care Diagnostics.

Energy Management Software.

Converting waste to solid fuels.

Sold to Lam Research.

Sold to Life Technologies.

Online healthcare appointment platform.

Data Protection Solutions.

Social platform with 2m members.

Student accommodation management software.

Management buyout.

Waste management solutions.

Stock video & imagery.

Fraud Management software.

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