From Left: Siggi Saevarsson, Venture Partner, Kernel Capital; Mervyn McCall, Chairman, Changeover Technologies & Ken Flockhart, CEO, Changeover Technologies.

14 November 2022 – In the Press (article in Sync NI)

Belfast-based green tech solutions company Changeover Technologies is set to revolutionise carbon-dependent sectors having found a solution to reuse discarded fine particle waste.

With over five years in extensive R&D and an upscaled research and development team,  Changeover Technologies has successfully completed a five-tonne-per-hour pilot test plant. The pilot test plant sees fine particle waste transposed into pellets with a great economic value and lower CO2 value.

Mervyn McCall, Chairman and Investor at Changeover Technologies, said: “Having been a Chair of this organisation for a number of years, I’m delighted to see that we have proven, innovative technology. Changeover now has the ability to take raw material and apply a unique pelletising formula and process, turning what is discarded fine particle waste and recycling it into pellets which are equivalent to their original raw material. No one else has this capability.”

Mr McCall added: “Around the globe, there are billions of tonnes of waste fines which must be disposed of, and in most cases, they go straight to landfill. Changeover Technologies is the only organisation that has now developed a green solution to clean-up and reuse this fine particle waste which not only prevents new waste but cleans up legacy waste and, in doing so, reduces scope 1 and scope 3 emissions.”

Changeover Technologies’ aim is to have a future commercial unit with an output of 100,000 tonnes of pellets. Their current target market is the silicon industries, which depend on high-purity carbon reductants to produce silicon. 

Ken Flockhart, CEO of Changeover Technologies also commented: “I commend our dedicated and highly skilled R&D team and scientists.  We now have innovative technology which enables the reclamation of waste fines to be used as a greener alternative. This has been a labour of love. Our proven technology and process, which has been patented, has successfully run in our test plant. We are now ready to upscale and catapult into commercialisation. This is a very exciting time for Changeover Technologies.” Changeover Technology has a number of principal investors with fund managers Kernel Capital and Clarendon Fund Managers.